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At PNC we believe in beauty from the inside out.  When helping you with your skin care concerns we do a thorough intake looking at everything from dietary influences, hormone health, to your topical skincare regime.  We can help you with a wide variety of skincare concerns:

  • acne (teen & adult)

  • roscaea

  • eczema

  • psoriasis

  • sun protection

  • anti-aging (or aging gracefully!)

Botox Injections


At PNC we offer non-surgical treatments to help restore skin health, promote connective tissue integrity and help you look the best you can.  Treatments are performed by an experienced naturopathic doctor certified in botox therapy and are intended to minimizes unwanted wrinkles.  We believe in gentle treatments that soften unwanted wrinkle lines while maintaining a natural appearance.  All treatments are done in combination with naturopathic dietary and lifestyle recommendations to ensure the best results.

Alumier_Poster_Clean Science.jpg



At PNC we are extremely happy to be carrying the AlumierMD line.  We love this skin care line because they offer products that include active ingredients proven through scientific research and they have a commitment to clean formulations.  They are free of parabens, sulphates, dyes, artificial fragrances and are cruelty free.  Best of all ... their sunscreens are amazing and there are suitable options for all skin types! Book now with our practitioners for a skincare consult.  

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