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Natural Medicine


Optimum Health Naturally

At Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic we believe that health, wellness, energy, and vitality are something that every person deserves. Our committed, professional team will work with you to develop a unique and comprehensive approach to your health care.  Our practitioners use gentle, non-invasive treatments that co-operate with the healing powers of nature, treat the whole person, and teach principals of healthy living and preventative medicine.

We offer the following services to promote wellness: Naturopathic Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Botanical Medicine,  Acupuncture, Foot Care Nurse, Counselling,  Massage Therapy, Allergy Testing, IV Therapy, Botox Therapy, Aesthetic Services, Standard Medical Diagnostic Testing, and Hormone Testing.

Herbal Medicine, Natural Treatments, Supplements

"If you want others to be happy,

 practice compassion.  

If you want to be happy,

 practice compassion."

Dalai Lama


9725 Fourth St. #102, Sidney, BC V8L 2Y8, Canada

P. (250) 655-1660

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