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Judy Kelly


Judy Kelly, Licensed Practical Nurse, Advanced Footcare Nurse


Judy is a Vancouver Island girl, born into a large family in Nanaimo.  After spending most of her youth there, she attempted to live on the Vancouver Mainland.  This lasted for awhile but the call of the Island brought her and her family back to the Cumberland area.   Judy has a large family and is most fortunate to have most of her children and grandchildren on the Island with her. 


Once Judy's family were all off on their own, she pursued a career in nursing.  After finishing her Licensed Practical Nursing certification she chose to nurse in rural Vancouver Island.  She enjoyed this nursing immensely, and often refers to her time in rural nursing as "social nursing."  Social nursing is nursing the whole family, not just the patient.  In Rural Nursing, you have to be a "jack of all trades", there are very few specialities in Rural nursing, and footcare was one of the jobs that nurses had to perform. 


Once the call of "grannie" was heard for Judy, she headed down Island, taking a position as a Home Support Supervisor in Comox Valley Home and Community, right at pandemic time.  As a supervisor to the careaids, and managingng family's and clients during this difficult time, she overcame many hurdles and challenges, all with as little frustration as possible.  


Then retirement was calling, but "stopping work" wasn't, so Judy began her Advanced Footcare business, and with over 10 years experience in the footcare industry, Judy comes with a lots of experience and knowledge in the footcare industry, and in the nursing profession.


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